The Postcard

In 1958, Shaun (Luke's dad) and his sister received a postcard from their Aunt Betty & Uncle Ken. Betty and Ken were on a vacation visiting (you guessed it) the magical land of Baja California Sur, Mexico. In 2004, Shaun discovered the postcard once again, safely tucked between the pages of a hardcover book. Today, the card is displayed in Shaun and Theresa's beautiful home in Los Barriles, Mexico. The vintage painting perfectly illustrates everything we all love about Baja -- the desert scene, cactus, palm trees and bougainvillea, the spectacular sea life, diving, kiting, fishing the Sea of Cortés, swimming and of course, the people.

In 2012, Luke and I were both in Baja visiting our families in Los Barriles for Thanksgiving, when we were introduced (by our parents). I clearly remember my mom saying you should go hang out with "these Napa kids". After our mutual interest was piqued in Mexico, we both agreed it would be best to meet again. March 2013, we met at a little restaurant named Basil in Carmel-by-the-Sea for our first date (or 2nd depending on who you ask). Sparks flew and the rest as they say, is history. Two and a half years long-distance between Los Angeles and Napa, the big NorCal move of 2015, to Luke's proposal on the beach in Los Barriles on Thanksgiving 2016 -- and we couldn't be happier.

We will never know if it was fate or just plain good luck, but we would like to thank the Baja, our parents and obviously Ken and Betty for bringing us together. 




Dear Children,

We are having a wonderful time picking up all kinds of seashells, clamming, looking at old missions, swimming and fishing. Most of these houses have thatched roofs of palm branches five deep. 

Love, Ken & Betty